Facilities Updates

St Joseph Capital CampaignThe capital campaign continues to raise funds for facilities upgrades at St. Joseph. The upgrades will only encompass items supported by parishioners, as determined by listening sessions and other feedback. We will only undertake projects when we have raised sufficient financing for each segment; we intend to engage no long-term borrowing.

The Parish Center renovations are completed. The staff has moved back into the building. All parish offices are now on the first floor. The second floor has meeting rooms named St. Joseph, St. Mary, St. Mathew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John. The second floor also has a lending library. The lower level has an additional meeting room, a youth room, and storage and mechanicals.
The chapel is open daily from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. Rosary groups are using the chapel.
Parish office renovation costs totaled $1,135,838. That is $171,913 higher than the original bid, due to the electrical service upgrade, roof support work, the entrance canopy and patio, voice and data lines, and additional asbestos abatement.
The next item of our project is the replacement of the circle drive on Center Street. 

The Feasibility Study Report & Recommendations:

Facility Study Report (detailed results of parish member voting)

Facility Study Report Appendix (original documents, plan details)

Survey responses were received from 135 households of which 91 (71.8%) were supportive of all or a portion of the project. Approximately 140 parishioners attended the four information sessions. The report provides a breakdown and categorization of the specific questions and issues identified.

The recommendations of the James Company were unanimously approved by the parish Finance and Pastoral councils, and include:

  • The appeal should focus on maintenance, updating and essential repairs
  • The gathering space proposal should be removed from this fund appeal, and
  • We should maintain the idea of “pay as you ago” and avoid incurring debt

Facilities Project Questions and Answers Document

Capital Campaign Appeal Document

Capital Campaign Response Form