Sunday Homilies

Listen to the Sunday homilies from masses at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wauwatosa.

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October 21, 2018, Fr. Dennis: Take Your Troubles to Jesus

October 14, 2018, Fr. Steve: Pray for the Wisdom to Know What Truly Matters

October 7, 2018, Fr. Dennis: We Are Meant to Live in Community

October 7, 2018, Fr. Steve: Jesus Models What It Takes to Have Relationships That Endure

September 30, 2018, Fr. Dennis: Open Your Life to the Holy Spirit

September 29, 2018, Fr. Steve: God Works Through Others, Too

September 23, 2018, Fr. Dennis: Imitate the Servant Leader, Jesus

September 2, 2018, Fr. Dennis: Think Before You Act

August 19, 2018, Fr. Dennis: The Promise of Eternal Life

August 12, 2018, Fr. Dennis: Keep an Eye Out for the Angels God Sends Into Your Life

August 5, 2018, Fr. Dennis: Do You Trust God?

August 5, 2018, Fr. Steve: If Mass Is Boring, Your Christian Life is Boring