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Celebrate Catholic Schools

Posted by David Niles

Today, united with all the Catholic Schools throughout the United States, we begin our celebration of Catholic Schools Week. The theme this year is, “Catholic Schools: Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed.” Our parish is blessed to have a school as part of its mission of forming intentional disciples of Jesus ... Read More »

Receive The Eucharist With Proper Respect

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

The greatest gift we are privileged to receive is the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass.  Because people receive Holy Communion regularly, we can become lax, and even very sloppy in our reception of this great and wonderful Sacrament. Within the past couple of months there were two ... Read More »

The Lord Asks Each of Us: Come and See!

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

God did not create us to live in isolation but in community. Within this community we have the opportunity each day to encounter people. Some encounters are insignificant and do not have any impact on our life. However, there are other encounters that turn out to be of great ... Read More »

The Story of the Magi is Our Story

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord.  Our Orthodox sisters and brothers celebrate Christmas today.  The celebration of the Epiphany preceded a date set on the liturgical calendar for Christmas, which did not happen until the 4th Century.  The Epiphany was the manifestation to the world that the ... Read More »

The Holy Family – A Model for All Families

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family.  The Family of Nazareth is a model for us as to what marriage, family, and home life are meant to be.  Some people struggle with this, but when we look at the Holy Family we see how this can be. ... Read More »

Christmas Is a Feast of the Heart

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Sometimes we can so romanticize the Christmas story that we fail to see the full impact of it.  On this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it would be good for us to take some time to reflect on God’s love as revealed to us in the gift of the ... Read More »

The World Still Needs People of Courage

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today, the Third Sunday of Advent, we once again encounter John the Baptist.  He continues on his mission of being the one sent to testify to the light.  Of course, that light being Jesus Christ. John was a courageous and powerful witness to Jesus.  John had a strong personality ... Read More »

Walk in His Light

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today we meet John the Baptist, one of the pivotal characters of the Advent Season.  John was the last and the greatest of all the prophets who prepared the people for the coming of the Messiah.  John was a shining star, dominating the scene, and enjoyed great popularity.  People ... Read More »

Let Christ Be Your Focus This Advent

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today we begin a new liturgical year with the First Sunday of Advent.  The word “advent” is derived from the Latin adventus, which means “coming.” The focus of the Church during the Season of Advent is the three-fold coming of Christ: past, present, and future.  First, we remember the ... Read More »

How Do You Respond to the Lord?

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today, with our celebration of the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, we bring the liturgical year to a close.  The Gospel account for today, the parable of the Judgment of the Nations, is a very haunting one.  In reality, it is an excellent resource ... Read More »