St. Joseph Congregation is currently in discussions with St. Agnes Catholic Church in Butler on ways to collaborate our respective ministries.

This website page is intended to keep you fully aware of those discussions, which began in the middle of 2016.

We will post the most recent discussion minutes here, and include links to documents of previous meeting minutes.

April 25, 2017, Collaboration Discussion

To the parishioners of St. Joseph and Saint Agnes:

We again write to you so we may be as transparent as possible while discussing the future collaboration of our two parishes. Our transition teams met Tuesday night, April 25, for our second formal talks together. We all agreed it was a fantastic meeting with concrete steps being taken.

  • First, we agreed to have a joint Mass at St Joseph’s on July 4 with a small donut and juice reception afterward.  It would be our first worship together and we will hopefully rotate each year as a new tradition.
  • St Agnes will advertise to our families and join St. Joe’s in their Summer Vacation Bible School.
  • We will petition the diocese for three potential dates for joint confirmation next spring. Confirmations will be held at each site on a rotating basis.
  • We will also each host a joint penance service for either the upcoming Advent or Lent.

We will be putting our human concerns teams in contact with each other as they may possibly work together preparing food for the St. Ben’s meal program. We also talked about the things we do well and our weaknesses were discussed at our parish committee meetings and then shared as a committee. 

Our next meeting will be held at the end of summer. Our team as well as the two parish councils will get together for a social at St. Agnes Parish on Wednesday, August 30.  We will begin with Mass at 5:30 pm. Council and team members will be notified and hopefully able to attend.

Sincerely yours,
Fr. Dennis Weiland, St. Joseph
Fr. Mark Brandl, St. Agnes

Previous Meetings

February 23, 2017 Minutes