Be Open to Changing Your Life to the Way God Sees Things

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Last Sunday we heard about the encounter of Jesus with the woman at the well.  This story reminded us of our responsibility to share the good news that, it is not about us loving God, but that God first loved us! 

We hear how Jesus meets people where they are at on the journey through life, and today we have the story of the encounter of Jesus with the man born blind.  The story is not so much about restoring sight to the blind man as it is about us seeing things through the eyes of God.  The bottom line is that we usually do not see things as God sees them.  The Gospel challenges us to move from darkness to light.  From blindness to our way of seeing things, to the light of the way God sees things.

Baptized into Christ Jesus we are committed to a life that reveals the vision of the Kingdom through the eyes of God, a life of ongoing conversion and transformation, a new way of seeing.  This is a lifelong invitation.  Every moment of every day invites us to see the ordinary changed into the extraordinary.  It is the power of the Word changing our hearts, our way of thinking and seeing.

On occasion we sing a song at Mass with the words: “Open my eyes, Lord.  Help me to see your face.  Open my eyes, Lord.  Help me to see!”  Our song is a prayer and we need to ask: Do I really mean what I am singing?

Where do we see God’s face?  It is often found in the places we are most uncomfortable dealing with.  The face of God is found in the homeless person standing on the street corner, the elderly, the immigrant, the sick and suffering, the people we have pushed to the margins of society because they don’t meet our expectations, those being people of different races, creeds and religions, or sexual orientation.

Pope Francis has reminded us over and over again that our responsibility as disciples of Christ is to heal wounds, and that the Church should be viewed as a field hospital.  To be able to see things differently is given to us through the gift of faith.

If we are sincere in our desire to ask God to open our eyes, then we must also be open to changing the way we live our lives so that it reflects the way that God sees things.  May this Season of Lent help us to open our eyes to see the vision of the Kingdom as Jesus proclaimed it, so that we may rise to a new way of seeing life and others on Easter.  May the power of the Word continue to call us to conversion of heart and transformation of life!

— Father Dennis, March 22, 2020