Be Surrounded by the Warmth of the Holy Trinity

We live in an age where an incredible amount of time is spent on talking. The art of good communication requires that we develop the habit of being good listeners, too. To sit still and be silent in the presence of God is the best way to pray. To allow ourselves to open our eyes and see the wonders that our God sets before us each and every day. To acknowledge that the Creator blesses the creatures made in his very image and likeness, moment by moment, each and every day.

Today’s feast of the Most Holy Trinity allows us to do just that. To stop talking, be very, very quiet, and stand in silent awe and wonder at the greatness and goodness of our God. It invites us to allow ourselves to be surrounded by the warmth of the love of God: Father-Creator, Son-Redeemer, and Holy Spirit-Sanctifier.

Be still and see God our Father in the continuing act of creating new things before our very eyes: the rising sun, the morning dew, the blooming flowers, the cry of a newborn infant, the warm smile of another person. The universe is bursting with good things coming forth from the creative hands of our heavenly Father. Be still, see, reflect, and give thanks!

Be still and see God the Son who continues the process of liberating us and setting us free from whatever has trapped or enslaved us. Day by day Jesus helps us to blossom into our full potential, to be fully human, fully alive. Be still, see what Jesus is doing in your life, and give thanks!

Be still and listen to the Holy Spirit, our wise and caring mentor, who dwells always within us, and quietly and gently guides and challenges, comforts and encourages, shows us the way to walk the narrow path into the Kingdom so that we will experience the fullness of life in God’s eternal presence. Be still, and listen, and give thanks!

As we honor the Most Holy Trinity may our lives, in the words we speak and the deeds we perform, give “Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit!”

– Fr. Dennis, May 30, 2021