Celebrate Catholic Schools

Today the Catholic Church throughout the United States begins its annual celebration of “Catholic Schools Week.”  This is a very special week for us as we celebrate our identity as Catholic schools and what a difference a Catholic education makes in the lives of our students.

The theme this year is, “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.”  These three components are well-integrated at St. Joseph School.  This week I would like to share with you some of our Seventh Grade student’s thoughts about our school and how they are putting these three components into practice.

“Getting an education at a Catholic school, in my perspective, is a better education because we get to learn about God, Jesus, and the Bible.  In public schools you wouldn’t get the chance to learn about any of them.”

“This is my first year at St. Joseph School, but I already notice the difference compared to my other school.  You get more help when you need it, and when you ask for help you are not rejected, unlike my other school.  It feels good to know that someone is willing to help you.  Getting help from my teachers brought my grades up a lot.”

“We experience faith everyday by going to St. Joseph School.  We go to Mass every Wednesday.  During Mass we serve as greeters, readers, servers or singers.  We also pray at the beginning and ending of each school day, and before lunch”

“I learn a lot and the teachers make learning fun.  They expect the best of us, have fun with us, and just are amazing teachers.  Being in a private school you can connect with the teachers and your classmates more.  I love service projects so much.”

“We work putting our faith into practice every day and not just at church.  We have religion classes and school seminars.  The best part is the theme for our school year (Being the hands of Christ) which helps us learn the works of faith and applying them to our daily lives.”

“I like participating at a Catholic school because you are always accepted into a caring community.  At. St. Joseph’s you experience a rare “buddy program.” In this program you will have a “buddy” that will be your partner.  Seventh graders receive buddies from K-4.  We get to help teach them about God, do a special project with them every month, and get to read stories to them after we finish the projects.”

Ever since the beginning of the school year, I have received so many positive comments and compliments about our students, not only from parishioners but from visitors who join us for our Wednesday community Mass.  One can only marvel at what is happening in our school and give praise and thanks to God for the gift that it is in our parish community.

I invite you to join us this Wednesday at 8:15 for our weekly Eucharistic Liturgy as we celebrate in a special way our identity as a Catholic school.  We can all be very proud of our students, faculty, principal and staff.  How blessed we are to have all of them as a part of this wonderful adventure that we call “Catholic Education!”

– Father Dennis, January 29, 2017