Christmas Is a Feast of the Heart

Sometimes we can so romanticize the Christmas story that we fail to see the full impact of it.  On this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it would be good for us to take some time to reflect on God’s love as revealed to us in the gift of the Son.

“In the stillness of the night the Word of God leapt down from heaven!!!”

Our God emptied Himself of his Godhead and took upon Himself the human condition.  One like us in all things but sin.  Our God entered our world in the night when all was dark and quiet; not bursting onto the scene amidst fanfare, lights, and glamour.

Our God, born in the small, insignificant town of Bethlehem; not in some major metropolitan area or important seaport city. 

Our God, born of a poor, teenage virgin, not into a wealthy, royal family.  Our God, born in a dirty, smelly stable, not an ornate palace.  Our God, laid in a feeding trough for cattle, not in a linen- lined crib.  Our God, wrapped in rags, not in a gold-trimmed, velvet bed robe.

Our God, having his birth first announced to shepherds who were held in low esteem and kept on the margins of society, not to kings or queens, and others in positions of power and authority.

Our God, whose birth did not make headline news or cry out for international attention and acclaim.

When we reflect on the humility of our God, and look at our own sinfulness and unworthiness, we are moved to ask, “Why?  “Why, God, did you do it?”

In the quiet of this holy night we once again hear God whisper tenderly in our ear, “I did it because I love you!”

Christmas is a feast of the heart.  It reveals to us what the heart of God is like.  At the same time it reveals to us what the human heart is capable of.  Christmas invites us to open our hearts. Our God has shown us that it takes a great risk to truly love from the heart.  But we must remember that what makes us fully human is not our ability to think as it is our ability to love!

A blessed Christmas to all of you!

– Fr. Dennis, December 24, 2017