Find the Treasure Within You

There is a story told about a poor tailor who lived in Krakow. He was a very pious man. One night he had a dream in which a voice said to him, “If you go to Prague and dig beneath a certain tree behind the emperor’s castle, you will find a great treasure.”

Since the poor man placed great trust in dreams, he set out the very next day for Prague. However, when he got there he found that the castle was guarded. Unable to get across the bridge, he lived under it for a while. While there he became friends with the captain of the guard. One day he shared his story with him. He said,

“I had a dream that if I got into the castle grounds, and went to a certain tree and dug there, I would find a treasure.”

“You are a very foolish man,” said the captain. “You shouldn’t believe that sort of thing. I have dreams myself. Once I had a dream that over in Krakow there lived a poor but wise tailor, not unlike yourself. I dreamt that if I went to his house, and dug behind his stove, I would find a treasure that somebody had buried there a long time ago. Of course, I dismissed it as foolishness.”

The tailor thanked him, went back home, dug behind his own hearth, and found the treasure.

We will never be happy unless we find the treasure that God has hidden in our own field, that is, the treasure that lies within our very being. The treasure Jesus is speaking about in today’s Gospel is the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom begins within each one of us. We have been given ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to receive. Once we allow the Word of God to take root in our life we have found the treasure. And it is from there that the Kingdom of God spreads in our midst.

In our first reading today King Solomon is held up as a wonderful example of how the Kingdom begins within. He asked for an understanding heart, not for riches, or a long life, nor for the life of his enemies.

May we have the Wisdom of Solomon and ask the Lord to make our hearts fertile ground for this Word so that the Kingdom will be deeply rooted within each one of us. Then the words we pray every time we gather for the Eucharist will be very powerful indeed, “Thy Kingdom come!”

-Father Dennis, July 26, 2020