Parish Center Renovations Are Complete, Thanks to Your Generosity

This week finds the staff back in the Parish Center with the renovations having been completed. We are excited to show the facility to parishioners and have scheduled an Open House after the Masses on the weekend of June 16 and 17. Also, after the 10:30 Mass on June 17 there will be a blessing and dedication of the renovated facility.

One of the features of the renovation project has been the restoration of the chapel which we have named in honor of St. Joseph. The chapel will be open daily from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. with a separate door leading into the chapel off the main door of the office building. We hope to begin having Eucharistic Adoration one day a week beginning this fall. Please watch future bulletins for more information.

The total cost of the renovation was nearly $1.1 million dollars. Our capital campaign, “Honor the Past — Sacrifice for the Future,” had a goal of $2 million and we have raised or pledged $1.5 million. The project was split into three phases: renovation of the Parish Center, a complete reconstruction of the parking lots, and upgrades to be made in the school building.

The research having been done on the reconstruction of the parking lots brings the total cost of that project to nearly $650,000. Since we do not have the funds on hand to do the complete project, we are looking at redoing the circle drive first and then when we have sufficient funds raised, we will complete the upper and lower lots.

I have made a commitment to the parish that we will not go into debt. Therefore our reserve funds will not be touched for the projects as the original plan was to only use monies raised from the capital campaign for these. The reserve funds are there for emergency situations.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed so generously thus far to the capital campaign. All of your sacrificial gifts are deeply appreciated. Since I have been at St. Joseph’s, I have experienced firsthand the generosity of parishioners and I know that this tradition will continue.

Let us move forward in hope, trusting in the intercession of our beloved patron, St. Joseph that what we need to accomplish in terms of the upkeep of our buildings and grounds as good stewards of the property will take place. Again, many thanks for your support.

A special thank you to Linda Cooney and the faculty and staff of our parish school for providing us with the necessary space during the renovation. We appreciate their hospitality.

— Fr. Dennis, June 10, 2018