The Living Bread That Satisfies All Hungers

As human beings we cannot live on bread alone.  We suffer from many kinds of hunger.  If we look at the Gospels we see the various kinds of “bread” Jesus offered to others to satisfy their hungers.

To those who followed him into the desert, and who were hungry, he offered ordinary bread, and so satisfied their physical hunger.

To the leper, he offered the bread of physical healing restoring him to family and community.

To the lonely woman at the well, he offered the bread of human kindness, satisfying her hunger for acceptance.

To sinners he offered the bread of forgiveness, satisfying their hunger for salvation.

To the outcasts, those on the margins of society, he offered the bread of companionship, satisfying their hunger for dignity and self-worth.

To the thief who died at his side he offered the bread of reconciliation with God, bringing peace to a troubled soul.

Then there are those who refused Jesus’ offer of bread:

The rich young man to whom he offered the bread of discipleship, but he refused because he could not part with his possessions.

To the Scribes and Pharisees to whom he offered not once, but many times, the bread of conversion, but they refused to eat even a crumb of it.

To Pilate whom he offered the bread of truth, but he had no appetite for it because it meant putting his position of power in jeopardy.

Jesus shared himself with others in many different ways before offering himself as food and drink at the Last Supper.

Today we recall the great gift of the Eucharist, the Bread of Life that is broken and shared with us, giving us all the nourishment we need to imitate Jesus and be “bread” for others.  May we always approach this Table with grateful hearts, for nowhere on earth are we privileged to have such intimacy with the Lord of Life then in the Eucharistic Banquet.

All praise, glory, and honor to Jesus, the Living Bread, who satisfies all the hungers of the human family!

— Fr. Dennis, June 18, 2017