The Miracle of Generosity Continues

The multiplication of the loaves and fish could be called a miracle of generosity.  First, there is the generosity of the boy, who, with his gift, made the miracle possible.  What may appear as a small thing was, in reality, a big thing as the boy gave all that he had, no holding back!  It is easy to give something that we won’t really miss.  However, when the gift is needed by the giver as well as the receiver that is true giving, sacrificial giving, giving from the heart.

Then there was the generosity of Jesus.  To appreciate this we need to consider the circumstances surrounding the miracle.  It is easy to reach out to others when it doesn’t inconvenience us.  Not so easy when it is sprung on us at an untimely moment.  Here a real sacrifice is made as we have to set aside our plans, and forget about ourselves.

Jesus had just learned that his cousin, John the Baptist, had been put to death.  He needed to get away for peace and quiet at such a tragic moment.  However, his plans were changed when he stepped out of the boat on the other side of the lake and found that the people were waiting for him.  Jesus could have sent them away, but he chose to show compassion and gave himself completely to them.

Jesus not only satisfied the hunger of the people but the miracle provided twelve full baskets of leftovers.  In this we can see why it is a miracle of generosity.  Generosity is not always about giving things.  More often it is about giving of ourselves, of our time and our gifts, and this is not always easy.  However, when we give generously without counting the cost, we will experience in return God’s generosity, as God will never be outdone in generosity. This is the meaning of the twelve baskets full of leftovers.

At this moment in history it is good for us to reflect on this.  In the midst of this pandemic your generosity has shone like the sun.  The sharing of your treasure to support the parish has been phenomenal.  Your continued generosity to the food pantries has been outstanding.  Your willingness to do whatever it takes to help keep our worship space sanitized for the health of all.  Your prayers and words of concerns and encouragement for others have brightened people’s days.  Yes, the miracle of generosity continues in our very midst today.  Thank you for that and God’s continued blessings!

– Fr. Dennis, August 2, 2020