Update on Parish Operations; Office and Chapel Closed; No Public Easter Services

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

As we continue to deal with COVID-19, let us take some time to focus on Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem to suffer, die, and rise again for our salvation.  Certainly it was a time of great testing for the Lord as he abandoned his entire life into his Father’s hands.  Certainly this is a time of great testing for us as a global community, as we are being asked to place our absolute trust in Divine Providence.

I know that it is extremely difficult for you not to be able to participate in Holy Mass.  I do want to assure you that I will continue to celebrate each Mass privately and that you are very near to my heart.  I pray that the graces that flow from the Holy Eucharist give you comfort, strength and hope, even though we cannot be together.

Now that Governor Evers has issued the “Safer at Home Order,” the St. Joseph Chapel will be closed.  You are encouraged to stay home as much as possible for your own safety and the safety of others.

The Parish Office is closed and parish staff will leave information on their voicemail if you need to contact them.  Our students will continue to keep up with their academics and our dedicated faculty is working with them.  One of the blessings at this time is modern technology.

Some of the positive things I have heard during all of this is that families are doing more things together.  Whether it be playing games, watching a movie, preparing a meal together, or engaging one another in conversation.  If anything, home and family life will be strengthened through this ordeal.  It also offers us the opportunity to spend more time in prayer and reflection during this Season of Lent.  I feel that God is inviting us to use our creative energies to bring positive results out of a negative situation. 

If you know one of our older parishioners who lives alone, please give them a call and offer a word of encouragement.  It would mean the world to them.  Being isolated from others is a challenge and can create anxiety.

As was expected, all liturgies of Holy Week and Easter will be celebrated privately without the faithful. Let us be grateful for the wisdom of Archbishop Listecki as he shepherds the Church of Milwaukee.  It truly was not an easy decision for him to make but is being made in the best interests of the faithful.  I ask that you read his letter which is on our website. We are working on the possibility of live-steaming these liturgies.  I will keep you updated.

Last, with no public Sunday Masses, as you might expect, there is little revenue coming in.  I am asking that parishioners who are able to give of their treasure to mail it to the Parish Office. Know that your continued financial support is deeply appreciated.

Again, let us continue to keep one another in our thoughts and prayers, remembering that we are community, we are family, and we are St. Joseph’s strong!!!  Together we will get through this difficult time, relying on the promise of Jesus, “I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS”

St. Joseph, pray for us.

- Fr. Dennis, March 24, 2020