We Are Called to Be Faithful to Christ

Since the beginning of time people have been searching for treasure.  If only they could find gold or diamonds or pearls they would be happy.  In our age, people are still seeking treasures.  Except now they look for it in the lottery, the casino, or the stock market.  If only they could hit the jackpot, all their troubles would be over.

In reality, all of us are searching for what will make us happy.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Christ encourages us in our searching as we heard in the parables he told today.

Jesus had understanding and compassion for those who were searching.  He understood their hunger and thirst and sought to point them in the right direction.

In today’s Gospel account, Jesus compared the Kingdom of God to a rare pearl or priceless treasure.  In other words, the Kingdom is worth everything we have.  Those who find it are truly blessed, even if in the eyes of the world they seem foolish and poor.

The Kingdom of God is not something complex.  In reality, it is very simple.  One who discovers the Kingdom acknowledges that they are a child of God, sent into this world with a divine dignity, a purpose, and an ultimate destiny.  It means to know the meaning of life, and how to live it.

We are not called to be successful in life or even fulfilled.  We are called to be faithful to Christ and the living out of the Gospel way of life.  Those who understand this have found the pearl of great value which brings them true happiness in the midst of all that life sends one’s way.

Without God, life makes no sense and is unbearable.  A close relationship with God is the real treasure.  It gives us a sense of who we truly are, and where we are going. Only God can give us what we are searching for.  If we find God, we find everything!

To have faith is not to have all the answers.  It does not mean all the work is done for us.  The opposite would be nearer to the truth.  Faith commits us to a life of discovering, searching and yearning.

God is to be found in the ordinary and every day of life.  God reveals himself to us through nature, events and others.  In our search for the pearl of great value we don’t need to search is far off places but in that which is right in front of us.

Those who find the Kingdom taste true joy here on earth.  But that joy is only a foretaste of what they will experience in the fullness of life in the new and eternal Jerusalem!

— Father Dennis, July 30, 2017