We Are Created to Be a Community of Love

“O most holy Trinity, undivided unity, Holy God, mighty God, God immortal be adored!”

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, professing our faith in the truth that there are Three Persons, One God.  What an awesome and powerful Mystery for us to reflect on.

What we are celebrating today is the very nature of God, which, no matter how hard we try to understand it, is always a mystery.  This does not mean that we don’t have some understanding of what or who the Trinity is because we have centuries of thought and arguments to bring us to some understanding.  However, we must always remember that our human understanding of God is limited.  The ways in which God works, in us, and through us, is not something we can even begin to wrap our heads around.  As St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Church at Rome, “How deep are the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!  How inscrutable are God’s judgments, how unsearchable God’s ways!”

Our first reading from Exodus reminds us of that mystery, as the Lord comes down from a cloud to be with Moses on Mount Sinai.  In the exchange that takes place we are given a very beautiful, although partial description of God, “The Lord, a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger and right in kindness and fidelity.”

In our second reading, the Apostle Paul in his second letter to the Church at Corinth, describes the Trinity in terms of grace, love, and fellowship.  The God of love and peace would dwell with the Corinthian Community if they encourage one another and live in peace.  Paul is reminding them, and us, that God works through people who are in a loving relationship with each other, just as the three Persons of the Trinity are in relationship with each other.

From a biblical focus when a person is looking out for oneself, it’s that person against the world.  When we look out for others in the community, and they in turn look out for us, it is the community working together to face the challenges, setbacks, and opportunities the world offers.  And that is where God, a community of three Persons, shows up.

Today’s Gospel account reminds us of the Incarnation, that moment in human history when God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus, and lived among us.  Jesus is the human face of God, who has revealed to us through words and deeds, who God is.  Jesus reminds us that the ongoing revelation of God’s love is found not by individuals set apart, but in the midst of the beloved community we create and foster.  I think that this is one of the lessons we have learned through our current situation.  We were created to be a community of love who imitates the love of the Holy Trinity.

— Fr. Dennis, June 7, 2020, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity