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God Is Blessing Us With Good Things

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today is traditionally called “Good Shepherd Sunday,” as Jesus presents to us the image of him being our shepherd. The Gospel account today ends with Jesus saying, “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” His words are directed at us, the sheep of ... Read More »

We Are Called to Accompany Others

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

The story of the two disciples trudging the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus on Easter Sunday evening is my favorite of all the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. It is a story that is rich and powerful in meaning, and would take more than one article to explain. I would ... Read More »

Faith Gives Us Bearings

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today’s Gospel account gives us the story about the one we have come to call the Doubting Thomas. Thomas was very adamant in his response to the other disciples when they told him that they had seen the Risen Lord.  “Unless I see the mark of the nails in ... Read More »

Sunday Eucharistic Adoration Will Continue

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

I wish to thank those members of our parish who came to spend time in prayer before our Eucharistic Lord on Divine Mercy Sunday.  So good to see the number who came and that we could accommodate everyone when they showed up. How respectful everyone was, so that no ... Read More »

Church to Open for Private Prayer on Divine Mercy Sunday

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

This Sunday, April 19, is Divine Mercy Sunday. In light of the current global situation we are being asked to spend time in prayer for an end to the pandemic. Therefore, St. Joseph Church will be open this Sunday from Noon until 3:00 p.m. for private prayer before the ... Read More »

We Are the People of the Resurrection

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

This time of crisis may find us feeling that we are living in darkness. However, on this great Feast of Easter, which lies at the very heart of our faith, we are reminded that Christ has conquered the darkness. The joy of the Resurrection renews the whole world as ... Read More »

Jesus Thirsts for Our Love

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today, Good Friday, we find ourselves on Calvary, standing at the foot of the Cross. As we look up at the Crucified One, we witness his total act of self-emptying. Stretching out his arms, Jesus embraced all of creation from beginning to end, as he handed his life over ... Read More »

Holy Thursday: We Gather Around the Table – Spiritually

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Today, on this Holy Thursday, we arrive at the point in our journey through Holy Week where we gather around the Table.  While we cannot be physically present with each other this year, we are spiritually linked as we commemorate and remember a sacred meal shared, not only by ... Read More »

The Instrument of Death Became the Tree of Life

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Today we enter into the holiest week of our liturgical year with the celebration of Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. The week begins on a high note as Jesus enters the holy city of Jerusalem to shouts of “Hosanna!” With ... Read More »

Palm Branch Distribution Canceled

Posted by Fr Dennis Wieland

Our plan for the distribution of palms and the Easter meditation books on Palm Sunday has been cancelled.

The archbishop has asked us not to do such things, as the palms and books cannot be properly sanitized.

I ask for your understanding and know that all of us are ... Read More »