Helping Hands

Rescheduled for October 24, 2021

St. Joseph Congregation will partner with Catholic Relief Services to provide thousands of meals for the needy in Burkina Faso – a struggling African country. This will take place on October 24 – World Mission Sunday.

Parishioners will help create meal packages during the "Helping Hands" gathering in the Parish Hall.

We need numerous volunteers who will work in groups of six to create food packages, by combining rice, vegetables and other ingredients for a healthful stew for starving people in Burkina Faso.

The Helping Hands event is held in a hygienic manner, using masks and gloves for volunteers and benefitting from the space and ventilation of the School Hall.

A brief lesson about the country and CRS services is included in the 12 to 2 p.m. volunteer shift.

The event will be held after 10:30 Mass, so bakery and samples of the stew are provided to volunteers for energy for their shift.

Registration is required to assist in the meal preparation; click here to sign up. If you registered last year, you need to re-register for the October 24 event.

We need to raise an additional $2,700 to support purchase of the ingredients, supplies, and transportation to Catholic Relief Services centers in Burkina Faso. Of our $14,000 goal, $11,300 has already been raised. You can donate to the cause via the above link – whether you are volunteering or not.

Learn more about the Helping Hands program of Catholic Relief Services.

Call Bill Solberg (262-352-7609) or Margaret Solberg (262-352-1708) or Julie McKendry (414-771-4626) for additional information.

Download the information sheet.