Deacon Kurt

Meet Deacon Kurt Peot, who starts his ministry at St. Joseph in Wauwatosa on September 24, 2022:

Hello, Saint Joseph Parish community! My name is Deacon Kurt Peot. I have recently been assigned to this wonderful faith community and I am joining you for the first time this weekend.

Deacon Kurt PeotI am coming to you via St. Dominic Parish in Brookfield where I have been a member for 26 years. My final weekend there was two weeks ago. I can't tell you how many people stopped to tell me what a wonderful parish and community I was joining here at St. Joseph. Those comments only served to raise my excitement level even higher. I am blessed to be able to move to such a wonderful parish and I look forward to getting to know all of you. If you see me any where please stop and say hi I can't wait to meet you all.

A little bit about myself: I was born and raised in Green Bay, Go, Pack! My home parish and grade school was St. Francis Xavier which is also the cathedral. I graduated from Our Lady of Premontre High School which is now called Notre Dame de Le Baie Academy, and there are girls there. Who would have thought? Marquette University brought me to Milwaukee where I studied civil engineering and I was until recently a consulting professional engineer. I have since retired. Currently I serve as the coordinator of Continuing Formation of Clergy for the archdiocese which is nothing at all like engineering.

I live in Menomonee Falls, near the intersection of Lisbon Road and Calhoun Road. I have four grown and amazing children, three daughters and a son. Two of them are married, one will be married in February, with her dear old dad officiating, and another who is single. They range in age from 27 to 41. My son is 6'-10" tall. When he joins us for Mass I suspect you will notice. My children live in Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Waukesha and Madison. I am blessed to have them close by, I also have five grandchildren. Four of them live in Tosa and one in Brookfield. My oldest two children graduated from Tosa West and the two youngest from Brookfield East.

My faith story is too long for this article but I look forward to sharing it with you. I will tell you that our God is amazingly persistent and patient. When I was ready to turn to Him and admit that I needed Him, He poured His love into me in quantities that literally overflowed my heart and poured out of me. As Saint Augustine said "My heart is restless until it rests in thee," or as a good friend put it "there is a hole in your heart that can only be filled with God." I tried to fill that hole in many ways but it wasn't fillable until I filled it with God and it changed everything!

My faith journey has led me to many places, some near and some far and in each I found God’s love overflowing in His people. Eventually, that led me to the archdiocesan diaconate formation program and my ordination with the class of 2020 (the Covid class). I spent the last two years at St. Dominic, and now I am joining you all.

You may wonder why I am leaving St. Dominic. St. Dominic has been blessed with a number of vocations recently. In each of the last three diaconate ordinations a St. Dominic son was ordained. If all would have stayed at St. Dominic we would have had five deacons. So, Jim Matthias moved to Saint Sebastian's when I was ordained and now that Jeff Kucharski has been ordained I am moving to St. Joseph. I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal. We also have priestly vocations we had a son Stephen Buting ordained and we currently have two men at the seminary. God has blessed St. Dominic and now we are being sent out. Such is the life of a minister.

I am excited to be with you. I am excited to join your pastoral team with Father Adam and Deacon Jose. I look forward to walking with all of you on this incredible faith journey and I can't wait to get to know you. God is good all the time, all the time God is good! Peace and all good.

– Deacon Kurt