About You

St. Joseph: A Parish of People Just Like You!

You are a single person – young or old – who values the companionship a parish offers.

You are a young couple looking to reconnect to your faith and get married in the church.

You are new parents looking for a place to bring your children into the faith.

You are new to the area due to a job transfer or a new job and you're looking for a welcoming faith community.

You've found an excellent place for your children's education in St. Joseph School and you want to be part of the broader parish family.

You want a Catholic parish that lives the faith in a vibrant, welcoming manner.

You've downsized from your home into apartment or condo living and want a nearby parish as a faith home.

You're looking for a parish that strives to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer, worship and ministry to the local community and to the world.

You've been away from the faith and want to reconnect and once again share in the sacraments and in parish life.

You've been raised in another Christian denomination but wish to explore full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

We, the parishioners of St. Joseph Congregation, are all of the above and more. We welcome you among us!

If you have questions about the faith, about parish life, or about "what to do" in Mass or any sacrament, contact our pastoral administrator, Fr. Dennis Wieland, or call 414-771-4626.