Ministries and Organizations

Through various ministries, the people of St. Joseph serve each other, the surrounding community and the world. We welcome your involvement in these ministries that give us the opportunity "to live Christ."

View the following to learn how we serve God's people, and on how you can lend your talents to a ministry.

Parish Ministries and Organizations

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a group of people, chosen from and by the parish community, who consult with the pastor to foster and plan parish activity.

Contact: Joe Herro, 414-469-7261 or joeherro@yahoo.com

Finance Council

The Finance Council provides advice and guidance to the Pastor in the administration of parish assets.

Contact: Robbie Allbright, 414-241-1078

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee works with the Finance Council, Business Administrator and maintenance staff to maintain and improve the parish facilities.

Contact: Carol Polivka, 414-379-1616

Endowment Advisory Committee

The Endowment Committee exists to manage the Endowment Fund and to oversee the disbursement of monies for the educational and capital needs of the Parish. 

Contact: Tim Taff, timtaff@me.com

Catholic Formation Committee

The committee functions as an advisory body to assist Ministry staff in program development, direction and implementation.

Contact: Larry Barbian, 414-871-7231

St. Joseph’s School Committee

St. Joseph School Committee’s role is to advise, develop, and support policies related to the school.

Contact: Jeremy Blackwood at jblackwoodmu@gmail.com

St. Joseph’s Home and School Association

The committee is responsible for supporting and coordinating volunteer efforts for activities including: Forensics, Oktoberfest, Catholic Schools’ week events, Cookie House, High Interest Day, and numerous other classroom and school wide events.

Contact: Alex Hersey, 414-807-9093 or alexkokolus@aol.com

St. Joseph’s Athletic Association

This organization organizes athletic activities for all St. Joe’s day school and religious education students as well as oversees maintenance and improvements to the Activity Center.

Contact: Athletic Director, Amy Ford, amy.ford8@gmail.com

Prayer and Worship Committee

The Prayer and Worship Committee plans for the different liturgical seasons and special events.

Contact: Suzzanne Silman, 414-771-4626 x104 or silmans@stjoetosa.com

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry at St. Joseph’s offers opportunities for all with musical gifts to become involved including the Adult Choir, Cantors, Instrumentalists and Handbell.

Contact: Dan O’Connor music@stjoetosa.com

Art & Environment

Art & Environment prepares the worship space in and around the Church for the different seasons of the liturgical year.

Contact: Suzzanne Silman, 414-771-4626 x104 or silmans@stjoetosa.com

Altar Servers

Alter Servers assist the priest during weekday and weekend liturgies. Students may train for this ministry at the end of third grade and beyond. High schoolers and adults are also encouraged to participate.

Contact: Audrey Szews, tamjma@gmail.com

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass. Ministers serve on a volunteer basis at the Mass of their choosing. Volunteers need to be confirmed Catholics who will attend a one-half-hour training session.

Contact: Suzzanne Silman, 414-771-4626 x104 or silmans@stjoetosa.com


Lectors volunteer to assist in the Liturgy of the Word by proclaiming the first and second readings and intercessions at weekend and Holy Day Masses. New lectors are provided a brief training prior to their first assigned Mass.

Contact: Ann Marie Wick, 414-213-4902 or amwickmail@yahoo.com


The sacristan prepares what is needed for each Mass and assists with clean-up afterward. Mass time of your choice, training and support provided.

Contact: Suzzanne Silman, 414-771-4626 x104 or silmans@stjoetosa.com

Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality

Ushers, also known as ministers of hospitality, play a vital role in extending hospitality and assistance to parishioners and visitors during Mass.

Contact: David Niles, 414-617-6597 or davidgniles@me.com

Church Cleaning

Church cleaners are responsible for performing light housekeeping duties in the sanctuary, sacristy, balcony, confessional and narthex areas. Training is provided.

Contact: Judy Patin, 262-506-8359

Purificator Washing

Members of this group wash and iron the purificators (linens) in their home.

Contact: Jane Vosters, 262-780-9668 or jvangilder@wi.rr.com


The Stewardship Committee encourages us to care for the possessions that God has given us as a way of giving thanks and sharing the good news with pray, time, talent and treasure within and outside the parish.

Contact: Duane Filtz, 262-993-4858 or dmfiltz1112@att.net

Parish Life Committee

The mission of the Parish Life Committee is to foster and build community among all parish members.

Contact: Jen Murray, 414-331-5936, murrayjm11@gmail.com or Anne Mallinger, 414-202-6796, annemallinger@gmail.com

Human Concerns

The role of this organization is to discern human needs in the community and to identify resources to meet those needs by enlisting the active cooperation of each parish member.

Contact: Karen Bartel, 414-476-9914

Pickup of Day-Old Bakery

The Piggly Wiggly Store Bakery at 124th and North provides day-old bakery that is picked up and delivered by parish members to St. John’s Cathedral Open Door Café where there is a daily lunch program for the less fortunate who are hungry, homeless or otherwise in need.

Contact: Fran Tollefson, 262-786-8276

Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Committee works to offer solace to those who have lost a loved one and those working through the grieving process.

Contact: Cathie Papen, 262-789-1752 or Padge Haas, 262-784-5952

Coat Collections for the Needy

From November through March, winter coats and jackets, as well as scarves, hats and gloves, are collected on a clothes rack located in the Welcome Center off the Center Street entrance of the Church. The items should be clean and in good condition. These articles are donated and delivered to those in need.

Contact: Karen Bartel, 414-476-9914

Communion for the Home Bound

Homebound persons wishing to receive Holy Communion can do so by calling the parish office more information.

Food Pantry

Food and/or money are donated every third weekend of the month. The food and money help the needy at Hope House, The House of Peace, St. Rose and St. Hyacinth.

Contact: Russ Luther, 262-782-8328

Foreign Ministry

St. Joseph’s sister parish is St. Peter Claver in Belize. Groups of parishioners travel to Belize annually. Special collections of money and materials are held on an as-needed basis.

Contact: Jim Schwai, 262-782-1343


The committee helps with the needs of different groups and distribute funds accordingly to assist local and state organizations for those in need.

Contact: Diane Haase, 262-785-6230.

Repairers of the Breach

This organization is a non-sectarian daytime center for the homeless. Services offered include health care, literacy training, and counseling.

Contact: Anne Thomas, 414-258-9362

Respect Life Committee

This committee works on education, activism, and fundraising to promote an appreciation for all life, as the Catholic Church calls us to do.

Contact: Lynne Herro, 414-469-7260

St. Ben’s Meal Program

Our mission is to help spread God’s abundant love and grace by warming the bodies and souls of the guests of the St. Ben’s Meal Program by providing delicious, homemade casseroles and desserts

Contact:  Marilyn Martin, 262-993-6566 or martintoes@aol.com

Sandwich Making

On the second Tuesday of the month following the morning Mass, volunteers gather in the school hall to make sandwiches for the Open Door Cafe at St. John’s Cathedral, which serves the less fortunate who are homeless, hungry or otherwise in need.

Contact: Karen Bartel, 414-476-9914

Tree of Life

Donated gifts are collected at Christmastime and donated to needy families in the Milwaukee Archdiocese in collaboration with Catholic Charities.

Contact: Deb Hamer, 414-778-1280


The Go-Getters offer senior (60+) parish members the opportunity to gather for service opportunities, fellowship, and fun!

Contact: Diane Haase, 262-785-6230

St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) Society provides a helping hand to our neighbors in need of support.

If you need assistance, contact Joe Schueller: 414-462-7837, ext. 110.

If you would like more information about St. Joe’s SVDP Conference, contact Joe Schueller at 262-288-4812.

Christian Women

The focus of the Christian Women organization is to promote the spiritual growth of women by fostering fellowship, the enrichment of Christian family life and the service and support of our parish community.


The Christian Women Society of St. Joe’s sponsors an annual parish wide Rummage and Perennial Plant Sale in mid-June. The proceeds are used to support the extra needs of St. Joseph Parish. Contact: Fran Tollefson, 262-786-8276