Sunday Homilies

Listen to the Sunday homilies from masses at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wauwatosa.

The following links will open audio files at, in a new browser window.  To listen to other, past homilies, visit the St. Joseph section at

October 13, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Use Your Gifts Wisely

October 6, 2019, Fr. Matt Ruhl, S.J.: Get Busy!

September 29, 2019, Fr. Steve, and Santo and Patti Ingrilli: Stewardship in Our Lives

September 22, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Jesus Should Be Your Priority

September 21, 2019, Fr. Steve: Divided Priorities Don't Work

September 15, 2019, Tom Zimmerman, Parish Finance Council Chair: Quarterly Financial Report - And What Your Role Is

September 8, 2019, Fr. Dennis: What It Means to Be a Disciple

September 1, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Thank the Giver of Your Gifts

August 25, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Make Sure to Stay on the Narrow Path; Examine Your Life Daily

August 18, 2019, Fr. Dennis: The Gospel Message is a Fire That Purifies

August 17, 2019, Fr. Steve: Use Your Head in Your Zeal

August 11, 2019, Fr. John Schreiter: You Are Loved by God

August 4, 2019, Fr. Dennis: What Really Matters in the End

August 3, 2019, Fr. Steve: Be Rich in What Matters to Go