Sunday Homilies

Listen to the Sunday homilies from masses at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wauwatosa.

The following links will open audio files at, in a new browser window. To listen to other, past homilies, visit the St. Joseph section at

During the public health crisis, read Fr. Dennis's reflections on the Sunday readings.

March 15, 2020, Fr. Dennis: Jesus Invites Your into New Life

March 1, 2020, Deacon Dan Kostelc of the Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyo.: What Do You Do With Your Time?

March 1, 2020, Fr. Dennis: Spend Time with the Word of God

March 1, 2020, Fr. Steve: Read and Listen to the Word of God More Intensely This Lent

Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020, Fr. Dennis: Let the Word of God Be Central to Your Lenten Journey

February 23, 2020, Fr. Dennis: What Do You Need to Do to Be a Faithful Disciple?

February 22, 2020, Fr. Steve: Think About How You Respond to Evil

February 16, 2020, Fr. Dennis: God Has Prepared Amazing Things for the Faithful

February 16, 2020, Fr. Adam Bradley: You Are Part of God's Plan - Act Accordingly

February 9, 202, Fr. Dennis: Let Your Actions Speak

February 9, 2020, Fr. Steve: Let Your Light Shine Before Others

February 2, 2020, Fr. Dennis: Encounter Christ in Your Life Each Day