Sunday Homilies

Listen to the Sunday homilies from masses at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wauwatosa.

The following links will open audio files at, in a new browser window.  To listen to other, past homilies, visit the St. Joseph section at

June 16, 2019, Fr. Dennis: If You Seek God, Look Within Yourself First

June 15, 2019, Fr. Steve: We Are a Trinitarian People

June 2, 2019, Fr. John: 5 Ways to Help You Remember Jesus is With You Always

May 26, 2019, Fr. Dennis: We Are Never on the Journey Alone

May 19, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Love One Another as Jesus Loved Us

May 18, 2019, Fr. Steve: The Love We Are Commanded to Display is a Self-Sacrificing Love

May 12, 2019, Fr. Dennis and seminarian Oliver Niles on his vocation.

May 11, 2019, Fr. Steve: Pray to Hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd

May 5, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Feed My Sheep

May 4, 2019, Fr. Steve: The Meaning of Love

April 27, 2019, Fr. Steve: To Be a Person of Reconciliation Is to Bear the Wounds of Love

Easter Vigil 2019, Fr. Dennis: A Night Like No Other

Good Friday 2019, Fr. Dennis: Jesus Thirsts for Your Love

Holy Thursday 2019, Fr. Dennis: Through the Eucharist and the Priesthood, Jesus's Life-Giving Body and Blood Are Available to Us 

April 14, 2019: Fr. Dennis: Why We Listen to the Lengthy Passion Each Year

April 7, 2019, Fr. Dennis: No Explanation Needed

April 6, 2019, Fr. Steve: What Choices Will You Make?