Sunday Homilies

Listen to the Sunday homilies from masses at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wauwatosa.

The following links will open audio files at, in a new browser window.  To listen to other, past homilies, visit the St. Joseph section at

December 8, 2019, Fr. Dennis: We Must Help Build the Kingdom

December 7, 2019, Fr. Steve: Are You Prepared?

December 1, 2019, Fr. Dennis: While Preparing for Christ, Recognize That He Is Among Us Every Day

November 24, 2019, Deacon Joe: What Hangs Jesus on the Cross?

November 23, 2019, Fr. Steve: Jesus Christ is Our One True Lord and King

November 17, Sr. Irene: Share in the Mission

November 10, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Life After Death

November 3, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Like Zacchaeus, Go Out on a Limb to Get Close to Jesus

November 2, 2019, Fr. Steve: Jesus Sees the Goodness in Us

October 27, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Humbly Acknowledge Your Gifts

October 26, 2019, Fr. Steve: Know Your Strengths - And Your Weaknesses

October 20, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Will Jesus Find Faith When He Returns?

October 13, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Use Your Gifts Wisely

October 6, 2019, Fr. Matt Ruhl, S.J.: Get Busy!