Sunday Homilies

Listen to the Sunday homilies from masses at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wauwatosa.

The following links will open audio files at, in a new browser window.  To listen to other, past homilies, visit the St. Joseph section at

March 24, 2019: Is Jerusalem Your Destiny?

March 23, 2019, Fr. Steve: Lent Is a Time to Cultivate Your Faith

March 16, 2019, Fr. Steve: Promise and Hope

March 10, 2019, Fr. Dennis: The Power of God's Word

March 3, 2019, Fr. Dennis: How Self-Criticism Helps Us

March 2, 2019, Fr. Steve: A String of Lessons

February 24, 2019, Fr. Dennis: A Simple Message Amid a Challenging Gospel

February 23, 2019, Fr. Steve: Did Jesus Really Mean Those Harsh Words?

February 17, 2019, Fr. Dennis: What Choices Will You Make?

February 10, 2019, Fr. Dennis: The Vocation of Marriage

February 9, 2019, Fr. Steve: Hear God in Creation

January 20, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Do Whatever He Tells You

January 13, 2019, Fr. Dennis: Engage the Power of Your Baptism

January 12, 2019, Fr. Steve: Baptism Gives Us a New Identity

January 6, 2019, Fr. Dennis: The Master Calls Us